Two columns and a graphic are presented. In the center of the columns is a graphic that reads "One Stop Shop". Color arrows link items in the two columns. The left hand column is labeled while the right column is labeled "Our Deliverables". The following items are linked from the left to the right:  "Modification and desired cell line" has an orange arrow linking it to "Clones with specific modifications", then "Patient samples" has a red arrow linking it to "Reprogrammed and/or differentiated iPSCs", and finally, "Modifications in mouse" has a green arrow connecting it to "Founder mice with specific modifications".

Cell Line Engineering in Cancer and Stem Cells

  • Cancer Cell line engineering
  • iPSC line engineering
  • Cell line QC assays

iPSC-Related Services

  • Patient sample processing, culturing and banking
  • Reprogramming
  • Differentiation
  • Hands-on, on-demand training on iPSC culturing 

Molecular Biology Services

  • gRNA design, assembly and validation 
  • Single stranded oligo donor design & synthesis
  • Plasmid donor design & synthesis
  • Single strand DNA donor production from donor plasmid
  • Donor integration validation in cells 
  • NGS-based genotyping for cell lines and tissues 
  • CRISPR screen library design and construction
  • CRISPR screen data analysis

On Campus Funding Opportunities