McDonnell Genome Institute Series, December 2022

December 1st speakers

Gabsang Lee, Johns Hopkins, Human iPSC-based modeling and therapy development for skeletal muscle diseases

Ryuji Morizane, Mass General, Maturing Kidney Organoids for Disease Modeling and Regenerative Medicine

Celeste Karch, WashU, Stem cell models of tauopathies

Nathaniel Hogrebe, WashU, Millman Lab, Stem cell-derived islets for the treatment of diabetes

Participating vendors

MilliporeSigma – Vi Chu, Differentiation of human iPSC to lung organoids

StemCell Technologies – Tom Allison, Modeling neural inflammation in a dish with hPSC derived Cerebral Organoids and Microglia

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Omar Farah, PSC spheroid differentiation into neural lineages

Bio-Techne Brands

December 2nd speakers

Ben Maoz, Univ. Tel Aviv, Organs on a Chip: A new tool for studying human physiology

Andrew Yoo, WashU, Cellular modeling of late-onset neurodegeneration by direct neuronal reprogramming

Kelli VanDussen, Cincinnati Children, Just breathe: Using the air-liquid interface to mature intestinal epithelial cells in vitro

Zhexing Wen, Emory, Modeling human brain development and disorders using brain organoids

Yan Wu, Establishing the teratoma as a multi lineage model of human development